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Wednesday, May 31

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Break in the Exhibit Hall Riverside West Exhibit Hall 001. (Architecture) Identification and Analysis of Hard Water Staining on Granite in the Western United States and Comparative Study for Cleaning Methods Riverside West Exhibit HallAlex Beard • Jason Church • Ifrah Jamil • Bilal Khurshid • Caitlin R. O'Grady 002. (Architecture) Rescuing schools: Conservation program of historical educational buildings in the city of Rosario, Argentina Riverside West Exhibit HallCarolina Haydee Rainero 003. (Book and Paper) Cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibrils for coating of paper artefacts Riverside West Exhibit HallCamilla Camargos • Dr. João Figueiredo Junior • Dr. Fabiano Pereira 004. (Book and Paper) Local cleaning of stained artworks on paper: the new possibilities of rigid gels Riverside West Exhibit HallSophie Barbisan • Catherine I. Maynor • Anne-Laurence Dupont 005. (Book and Paper) Analysis of synthetic dyes and the Treatment of 1910's - 1950's Historic Chinese Wedding Documents Riverside West Exhibit HallPaul CW Chan • Edward Chun-Yiu Law • Angela Wai-Sum Liu 007. (Book and Paper) A Novel Conservation Treatment Developed for the Restoration of The Psalms of David Relievo Papier-mâché Binding Designed by Owen Jones Riverside West Exhibit HallMalina Belcheva 008. (Book and Paper) Conservation and Restoration of the document called 'Carta sincronológica de Historia Universal”( Chronological Chart of Universal History ) translated by Francisco J. Zavala, 1884. Riverside West Exhibit HallVictoria Casado • María del Pilar Tapia López 009. (Book and Paper) Election Cake and Tea Cookies: The Conservation of Historic Cherry Hill’s Receipt Book Collection Riverside West Exhibit HallSamantha Couture, [PA] 010. (Book and Paper) Towards Nondestructive Characterization of Black Drawing Media Riverside West Exhibit HallNathan Daly • Lynn Lee • Michelle Sullivan • Karen Trentelman 011. (Book and Paper) Moth Larvae Infestation of Books and Materials from Syracuse University Libraries Riverside West Exhibit HallMarianne S. Hanley 012. (Paintings) A Study on the Design to store Asian Painting Scrolls Riverside West Exhibit HallJun Yin Hsiao 013. (Paintings) Innovational drying wall for Asian paintings Riverside West Exhibit HallYi-Hsia Hsiao 014. (Book and Paper) 21st Century Loss Compensation for a 19th Century Binding Riverside West Exhibit HallKatherine Lechuga 015. (Book and Paper) An Unconventional Approach to Cover-Binding Reattachment Riverside West Exhibit HallKimberly Kwan 016. (Book and Paper) Measuring the Stiffness of Brittle Paper Riverside West Exhibit HallAndrea KI Hall • Molly McGath • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan • Thomas O'connor 017. (Book and Paper) Acid Transport through Mylar Encapsulation Riverside West Exhibit HallDr. Patricia McGuiggan • Andrea KI Hall • Molly McGath • William Minter 018. (Objects) Development of a User-Driven Adhesives Database Riverside West Exhibit HallShaina Palmer • Andrea KI Hall • Robert Leheny • Molly McGath • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan • Sara Zaccaron 019. (Objects) Polishing Methods and Their Impact on Results in the Oddy Test Riverside West Exhibit HallChloe Cao • Andrea KI Hall • Molly McGath • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan 020. (Book and Paper) Cellulose Acetate Lamination: Composition and Condition Riverside West Exhibit HallMolly McGath • Jenn Foltz Cruickshank • Andrea KI Hall • Vicki L. Lee • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan • Emily Rezes 021. (Collection Care) Memory of the World: Opportunities for preservation and promotion of documentary heritage Riverside West Exhibit HallIngrid Frederick 022. (Book and Paper) Captain America Encounters Klucel M® Riverside West Exhibit HallMichiko Adachi 024. (Book and Paper) History, Treatment, and Preparation for Digitization of 14th century Estate Rolls Riverside West Exhibit HallAnnabel Pinkney 025. (Book and Paper) Thoughtful withdrawal of monographs from academic libraries: Knowing the risks to our cultural print heritage Riverside West Exhibit HallJennifer Hain Teper 026. (Book and Paper) Innovación en Conservación y Cuidado de las Colecciones en soporte papel Riverside West Exhibit HallAlicia Tonello Lic. 027. (Collection Care) (I Can’t Get No) Documentation: Preservation Reporting in the Archives Riverside West Exhibit HallMarissa Vassari • Julia Welby 028. (Book and Paper) Necessity is the mother of invention – DIY iron (II) test paper Riverside West Exhibit HallCyntia Karnes-[PA] • Yasmeen Khan • Julie Biggs • Claire Dekle • Susan Peckham-[PA] 029. (Book and Paper) An Enclosure for a 3-D Object in a Scrapbook Riverside West Exhibit HallNoah D. Smutz 030. (Objects) Conservation in Miniature: The merger of museum object and historic interior in the treatment of a Victorian era dollhouse Riverside West Exhibit HallSarah Giffin 031. (Objects) Under close observation – a pilot study monitoring change in objects’ conditions Riverside West Exhibit HallVincent L. Beltran • Ashley Freeman • Foekje Boersma • Jim Druzik • Michał Lukomski • Joel Taylor 032. (Objects) Treatment of a Shattered Bark Basket from Australia Riverside West Exhibit HallMarci Jefcoat Burton 033. (Collection Care) Fatal Attraction: Trials and Tribulations in Toning Rare Earth Magnets Riverside West Exhibit HallMorgan Blei Carbone 034. (Objects) NAGPRA and Conservation: Documenting Repatriation Materials from the Perspective of a Conservation Professional Riverside West Exhibit HallDr. Elyse Canosa • Dr. Nancy Odegaard 035. (Objects) Between the ephemeral and the immortal: considerations about the process of conservation of Ticuna’s barkcloth. Riverside West Exhibit HallAna Carolina Delgado Vieira • Paula Aline Durães Almeida • Edson Tosta Matarezio Filho • Marcia de Almeida Rizzutto 036. (Objects) Conserving and Interpreting the mechanical Jacks from the Queen Anne’s Revenge Riverside West Exhibit HallArianna DiMucci 037. (Objects) Mending Baskets: Revisiting older approaches with new techniques and inventing better solutions Riverside West Exhibit HallLeah Bright • Betsy Burr • Skyler Jenkins • Dr. Nancy Odegaard • Nicole L Peters • Marilen Pool • Gina Marie Watkinson 038. (Objects) Guns and Ships: Using Dry Ice Blasting in the Conservation of Cast Iron Riverside West Exhibit HallWilliam Hoffman • Laurie King 039. (Objects) What makes the white in white-on-red ware? A study of two white-on-red Etruscan pithoi. Riverside West Exhibit HallSara Levin • Lynn Lee • Jeffrey Maish 040. (Objects) Investigation of Gold Residues on Glazed Renaissance Sculpture: Gilding the Virtues Riverside West Exhibit HallAbigail Hykin • Casey Mallinckrodt 041. (Collection Care) The Emergence of the Science of Botany: Preservation of Personal Herbaria Riverside West Exhibit HallOlga Souza Marder • Kelsey Osborn Miller • Catherine Stephens 042. (Objects) Treatment and Reconstruction of a Badly Damaged Hopi Katsina Doll Made of Gourd Riverside West Exhibit HallHayley Monroe 043. (Objects) Exploring methods for determining the age of clock mainsprings Riverside West Exhibit HallMostyn Gale 044. (Objects) Applying Fills to Losses in a Flexible Polyurethane Foam Chair at the Museum of Modern Art Riverside West Exhibit HallAlexandra Nichols 045. (Objects) The USS Monitor gun carriages: treatment steps and innovations for the conservation of complex composite artifacts Riverside West Exhibit HallWilliam Hoffman • Elsa Sangouard • Kathleen M. Sullivan 046. (Objects) Reconstructed, Re-cut, and Re-interpreted: Dionysos and Maenad at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Riverside West Exhibit HallGerri Strickler, [PA] 047. (Objects) Case Study of Regalrez 1126 Used as an Adhesive and Consolidant in the Conservation Treatment of an 18th Century Chinese Amber Cup at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Riverside West Exhibit HallTong Tong 048. (Objects) Practical solutions to the challenges of documenting large-scale objects Riverside West Exhibit HallJessica Walthew 049. (Paintings) 'Rutabaga: In: The Sky' – Creative Solutions to Modern Treatment Problems Riverside West Exhibit HallStephanie Barnes • Craig Huzway • Antje Neumann • Jia-sun Tsang 050. (Objects) The Sharp End of Conservation: Reintroducing Paint to a Mid-Nineteenth Century American Stained-Glass Window Riverside West Exhibit HallAmanda Chau • Drew Anderson 051. (Paintings) Five van Goghs Riverside West Exhibit HallThomas Heller 052. (Paintings) Alternative methodology for traditional interventions: Loose lining in colonial paintings Riverside West Exhibit HallDamasia Gallegos • Ana Morales • Dolores González Pondal 053. (Paintings) Chinese Handscrolls: A Systematic Approach to Treatment Solutions for Common Problems Riverside West Exhibit HallXiangmei Gu • Grace Jan 054. (Research and Technical Studies) Blue Period? : Analysis muddies Tintoretto attribution and working practice Riverside West Exhibit HallDr. Amanda J. Norbutus • Lourdes Nunez 055. (Textiles) Innovation of an Early Unknown Pioneer: Steam jennies, long arms, and battle flag Riverside West Exhibit HallAnn Frisina 056. (Book and Paper) From Scroll to Panel and Back Again: Changing Formats and the Challenges They Pose When Remounting Asian Paintings. Riverside West Exhibit HallSara Ribbans 057. (Research and Technical Studies) Improvements in 2D x-radiography and volumetric x-ray tomosynthesis Riverside West Exhibit HallDr. Dan Boye 058. (Book and Paper) TMI? Non-destructive Redacting Options for Archival Collections Riverside West Exhibit HallErin Hammeke 059. (Research and Technical Studies) Cutting Edge Technologies in Non-invasive Organic Analytical Techniques Riverside West Exhibit HallAmanda Jones 060. (Collection Care) Conservation and Art Historical Data goes Digital at the Art Institute of Chicago Riverside West Exhibit HallKaslyne O'Connor • Ariel Pate • Sylvie Pénichon, [PA] 061. (Objects) Corn and Tobacco Residue: Development of Protocol for Sampling and Analysis Riverside West Exhibit HallWendy Lindsey • Dr. Nancy Odegaard 062. (Objects) Evaluating (poly)ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives for use in wax conservation. Riverside West Exhibit HallMarina B. Gibbons 063. (Collection Care) Impact of Airborne Mycobiota on the Biodeterioration of Materials and Human Health in Three Cuban Heritage Institutions Riverside West Exhibit HallAlian Molina Veloso • Sofía Borrego Alonso • Oderlaise Valdés Pérez 064. (Paintings) The Evolution of a Method: Optimizing the Use of Evolon® CR to Poultice Varnish on a Large Scale Riverside West Exhibit HallKari Rayner 065. (Research and Technical Studies) Elucidating Daguerreotype Degradation Through Surface Species Formation Using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy Riverside West Exhibit HallAndrea E. Schlather • Silvia Centeno 066. (Textiles) National Argentinian Flags, the Bicentennial and the change of criteria regarding conservation. Riverside West Exhibit HallMaria Sol Barcalde • Patricia C. Lissa • Ivana Rigacci 067. (Textiles) Initial treatment techniques for Japanese Lacquer-based metallic thread and cut paper appliqué Riverside West Exhibit HallElinor Dei Tos Pironti 068. (Textiles) Hey Jute: A New Approach to Visual Compensation for Hooked Rugs Riverside West Exhibit HallKirsten Schoonmaker 070. (Collection Care) Preserving the art works Riverside West Exhibit HallAida Marcela Avalos de Cerna 071. (Textiles) What happened to them? Preliminary approaches from conservation discipline in cases of human rights violations during the military dictatorship in Chile. Riverside West Exhibit HallDaniela Bracchitta • Iván Cáceres • Kenneth Jensen • María José Manneschi • Roxana Seguel 072. (Collection Care) Best Practices, Creative Problem Solving and Balancing Compromises in Conservation Treatments Riverside West Exhibit HallElizabeth Alford Curran 073. (Collection Care) Conservation of Exhibited Works in the Museums of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana Riverside West Exhibit HallJoyce Hidalgo Gato Barreiro 074. (Paintings) The development and testing of Gel Cleaning Systems for Cleaning Inorganic Supports in Argentina, Curazao and the Dominican Republic. Riverside West Exhibit HallViviana Dominguez • Ruahidy Lombert • Giselle Canosa 075. (Book and Paper) Expanded Descriptive Terminology for Contemporary Collages Riverside West Exhibit HallStephanie Lussier, [PA] • Michal Mikesell 076. (Health and Safety) Replacement of toxic solvents: a practical approach for art conservation studios Riverside West Exhibit HallLuciana Murcia 077. (Collection Care) Microorganisms inhabiting our collections Riverside West Exhibit HallMaria Camila Patiño • Ada Echávez • Daniel Dorado Gaviria • John Simmons 078. (Collection Care) Preservation and conservation of Pablo Neruda Collection: intrinsic and environmental considerations Riverside West Exhibit HallYerko A. Quitral 079. (Collection Care) Project for Training Preservation and Historic Services Staff for Historic and Heritage Buildings Riverside West Exhibit HallMaria Pia Tamborini • Giselle Canosa • Alba Pereiro 080. (Objects) Bedbugs: A Pesky Problem Riverside West Exhibit HallMeredith Wilcox-Levine 081. (Book and Paper) Preservation Week - Ludwig von Mises, Library Francisco Marroquín, University Guatemala Riverside West Exhibit HallMarisol Zuñiga 082. (Sustainability) Environmental Preservation Practices to Avoid Riverside West Exhibit HallWilliam P. Lull 083. (Research and Technical Studies) The Bay Area Conservation Science Initiative Riverside West Exhibit HallElise Effmann Clifford • Elizabeth S. Peña • Susan Roberts-Manganelli 084. (Paintings) Lifting the Microfiber Veil: Utilizing Evolon fabric at the Mauritshuis to remove aged varnish from Hendrick Heerschop's A Visit to the Doctor Riverside West Exhibit HallJulie Ribits 085. (Paintings) Future prospects of conservation treatments with a micro-aspirator tool Riverside West Exhibit HallFriederike Steckling • Markus Gross • Dr. Nadim C. Scherrer • Stefan Zumbühl 086. (Book and Paper) Teamwork in its best: the Stack Numbering Project at the Library of Congress Riverside West Exhibit HallBeatriz Haspo • Dallas Grubbs • Megan Moltrup • Madeline Morehouse • Escarlet Silva 087. (Objects) Sampling of microorganisms from Egyptian mummies at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A successful adaptation of a vacuum cleaner model Riverside West Exhibit HallRicardo Reis • Sheila Mendonça de Souza 088. (Objects) The Royal Treatment: Conservation of Archaeological Material from Revolutionary War Vessel ROYAL SAVAGE Riverside West Exhibit HallShanna Daniel • Kate Morrand 092. (Objects) Chemical cleaning and Intervention criteria in a brass dial clock from the XIX century Riverside West Exhibit HallJoão Henrique Ribeiro Barbosa • Luiz A C Souza 095. (Book and Paper) Conservation of evidence: Howard Carter's journals the Morning post and Egyptian Gazette Riverside West Exhibit HallNagm El Deen Morshed Hamza 096. (Book and Paper) Michigan papyri fragments from excavations to display; Egyptian museum of Cairo. Riverside West Exhibit HallSara M. Nour 097. (Research and Technical Studies) Advances in State-of-the-Art in XRF Elemental Analysis for Art Conservation Riverside West Exhibit HallDr. Bruce Kaiser • Dr. Lee Drake 098. (Paintings) Performance evaluation of UV inhibiting acrylic resin coated glass with modern and historic glazing systems Riverside West Exhibit HallAndrew Fearon • Janelle Elyse Sahutski 101. (Objects) The Preservation of Mummy Bundles in Peru: A methodological proposal Riverside West Exhibit HallSelene Figueroa • Rubén Héctor Buitron Picharde 102. (Objects) Packaging Systems for Pre-Hispanic Mummy Bundles in Peru Riverside West Exhibit HallSelene Figueroa • Rubén Héctor Buitron Picharde 103. (Textiles) Seam or evidence? Riverside West Exhibit HallMartha Contreras Sainz 104. (Research & Technical Studies) The Use of CT Numbers to Quantitatively Classify Cultural Heritage Materials Riverside West Exhibit HallBrittany Dolph Dinneen • Dr. John A. Malko • Renee Stein 105. (Paintings) String Theory: An Innovative Insert for the Treatment of Yves Klein’s Rose Monochrome, Untitled (MP 21) 1961 Riverside West Exhibit HallKristin Robinson Poster Authors Q&A Session Riverside West Exhibit HallWest Dean College

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